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Attorney David Borts has experience as an immigration lawyer for over 30 years. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. David Borts was chosen by the Rhode Island Bar Association as its first and only chairperson of its committee on immigration and naturalization practice. If you are an immigrant to the United States whether lawful or undocumented, the Law Offices of David Borts will assist in guiding you through the complexities of the immigration process. With our decades of practice, we can help achieve positive results for you and your loved ones with all applications processed by the immigration service (USCIS).

Whatever your immigration needs, choosing an immigration attorney is the single most important thing you will do to increase the odds of becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen. Here at the Law Offices of David Borts, we understand the complexities and issues surrounding all aspects of immigration, naturalization, deportation, and visas/green cards, It is our mission to offer our professional legal services to everyone seeking to come to, or stay in, the United States.

Work Permits

As an immigrant, in order to legally work in the United States, you must either become a permanent resident or be granted permission for employment authorized by the immigration service. Once you have obtained your authorization of employment, you will be able to obtain a social security card and can work lawfully within the United States. In today's uncertain political climate, many undocumented immigrants find themselves unable to obtain work authorization under the current strict immigration laws. It is of great importance that those immigrants obtain a taxpayer identification number (TIN) from the Internal Revenue Service and file taxes and keep records of the filings.

Workers & Students

If you are working or studying in the US, it is crucially important that you properly report all income and earnings. It is often necessary to have documentation of all of your earning while you are in the United States, whether as a result of authorized or unauthorized employment. With our decades of experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide advice and representation in this field.

Political Asylum & Refugees

Since 1985, The Law Offices of David Borts has provided successful representation to thousands of political asylum seekers. Many applicants for political asylum become eligible for work permits during the processing of their case. There are many unique and obscure findings of the immigration services and courts that may assist you with the ability to obtain your residence in the United States through an application for political asylum. These applications are handled expeditiously, confidentially, and with the utmost respect for the victims of oppression and brutality.

Special Juvenile Immigrants and Battered Spouses

Juvenile immigrants and battered spouses of United States Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents have special protections under the laws of the United States. In some cases, a battered spouse may be able to obtain their permanent residence after the submission of a fully documented application for protection. Juvenile immigrants to the United States, who have been abandoned by their biological parents, may obtain their permanent residence after the processing of applications with the family court in their jurisdiction as well as with the immigration service. For over 30 years, The Law Offices of David Borts has provided successful representation to hundreds of battered spouses and juvenile immigrants.


Naturalization is the process in which U.S. Citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after they fulfill the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

While ultimately rewarding, the process itself can be difficult and time-consuming, so helps to have an experienced attorney to navigate the tricky legalities and make sure that you're as prepared as possible when it's time to take your test and swear the oath. David Borts is that attorney. Let him make the process easier on you.


Deportation is an attempt by the federal government to remove an immigrant from the United States as a result of purported violations of US immigration law. Once deported, it is possible for an immigrant to lose the permanent right to re-enter the United States. If placed in deportation, an immigrant has the legal right to challenge the proceeding, and an experienced attorney like David Borts can help. Even after an order of Deportation has been issued, it is still possible to file an appeal to remain in the United States.

Given the complexities of the situation, out of fear, many immigrants have failed to appear at deportation hearings, which then result in the issuing of an absentia order to deport them from the United States. However, in this situation, it is still possible to file a "motion to re-open" in order to revisit and possibly overturn the issues that caused the original case. The Law Offices of David Borts has successfully filed and re-litigated hundreds of these cases.

Green Cards and Visas

Every year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) issues hundreds of thousands of temporary visas and lawful permanent resident visas ("Green Cards"). Attorney David Borts and his experienced team and are available to consult with you and process your application. With over 30 years of practice in immigration law, our offices provide prompt, reliable, and up-to-date representation with USCIS. Every year, David Borts is highly sought after as a guest speaker by a variety of continuing education legal groups. Additionally, he has authored numerous articles and commentary on immigration law for many publications.
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Visas to enter the United States are issued each year by the United States State Department at hundreds of overseas America Consulates. As the State Department has enhanced its background security checks and increasingly relied on electronic processing, visa processing has become easier for those experienced with consular processing, yet filled with “roadblocks” for those without any experience. Attorney David Borts has decades of experience representing Nationals from over 83 countries. Applying for your loved ones or future employees to enter the United States either temporarily, as visitors or employees or permanently as lawful residents is one of the most significant things you may ever do for them. Contact us to receive the professional advice and representation you need, built on a foundation of excellence. Hablamos español!

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