Family Law in Pawtucket, RI

The Law Offices of David Borts has provided aggressive and skillful representation in Rhode Island Family Courts since being founded in 1985. Attorney Borts has been recognized as an outstanding practitioner in the field by the Rhode Island Supreme Court. The state high court appointed him as a special lecturer on the subject of practice and procedure in Rhode Island family Court. Our firm has aggressively represented thousands of people undergoing the grueling process of divorce, child custody litigation, and child support.

Divorce Attorney

A divorce is one of the most difficult trials a family can endure. Spouses and their minor children often suffer depression and extreme anxiety during and after the divorce process. An excellent divorce lawyer should provide a thorough analysis of the legal and personal situation. They should also provide outstanding negotiation and litigation skills. A highly qualified divorce lawyer should be able to provide representation that separates his or her own financial interest in the case from the need of the client to move forward with their lives. The financial future of the client is paramount in our representation at the Law Offices of David Borts. The ability of our client's children to transition to a stress-free post-divorce living situation is one of our main priorities in providing guidance to our clients. We welcome your inquiries.

Child Custody & Guardianship

One of the most difficult decisions a judge – and a separating couple – can make is how to deal with child custody, and what is best for their welfare. We have a proven track record in ensuring that the fairest and most equitable possible outcome is reached in all cases.

My Children's Rights

In many cases, a spousal separation affects their children as much as it affects the adults in the relationship. The staff of the Law Offices of David Borts is fully prepared and willing to endorse the rights of any child who is being treated inequitably while his or her parents are going through a tough to navigate divorce.

Child Support

Every parent wants to ensure that in the unexpected event of divorce that their children are well provided for. Additionally, no one wants to be taken advantage of. At The Law Offices of David Borts, we can see to it that a fair and just decision is reached in your case.

Aggressive Representation

The Law Offices of David Borts prides itself on its compassionate, discreet handling of Family Law affairs, but is also well-equipped in representing its clients aggressively in the event a divorce case becomes contested.

Child Custody for Fathers

It is a common perception is that in the event of a divorce, women are most frequently awarded custody of young children. While the law states that custody determinations are “gender blind,” historically, the majority of custody cases are awarded to women. In today's society, men have increasingly taken on more active parenting roles. The Law Offices of David Borts is experienced and prepared to take on all child custody cases on behalf of either parent. We have successfully represented many fathers who have made valid claims to the custody of their children.

Adoption Attorney

Adoption law differs between every state, and federal laws also affect many procedures connected with the adoption process. The Law Offices of David Borts provides skillful and successful Rhode Island State Court proceedings of adoption. Frequently, the question of adoption may be relating to the obtaining of permanent residence for a juvenile immigrant. Call our office today for professional assistance in answering these important questions.